Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

New cataract operating theatre suite. Mechanical services installation

Currently upgrading bathrooms in the psychiatric ward with new anti-ligature sanitary ware

  • New plant room install for the rotunda boiler house.
  • Mechanical install in the new reception area
  • Mechanical install in the new Haematology infusion unit.

A new plant room to house the plant necessary for the cataract theatre project was built near the old hospital boiler-house but nearer to the hospital. The old support frame or gantry that carried pipes from the old boiler-house to the hospital was replaced with a new support frame. The support frame /gantry supports the pipework between the old hospital plant room and the hospital and also supports the pipework from the medical gases store to the hospital. In addition, the new pipework and duct-work (serving the cataract theatre) from the new plant room to the hospital is also carried on this support frame.

The photo on the left was taken looking towards the hospital standing outside the new plant room built to house the new plant for the cataract theatre. As can be seen, the photo was taken while building works were still in progress.

The support frame /gantry is clearly shown with the pipe supported on top of it. Supply and extract air ducts are also visible.

The duct emerging from the wall of the new plant room is the extract air from the theatre and ancillary rooms.

The duct suspended from the frame on the right side is the supply air duct which also emerges from the new plant room (behind the person taking the photograph.)