St Vincents Hospital

The Installation of a Boiler Cascade system

The works consist of the following elements;

  • Supply and installation of a 150kw Boiler cascade system and all associated pipework.
  • New gas supply will be taken from an existing 40mm gas connection on the gas supply pipe. The gas detection sensor will be relocated to above the new gas Boiler.
  • The Boiler will be connected to a cascade system with a provision to install a second Boiler if required in the future.
  • The flow and return pipework will be connected to a Low Loss header with a single headshunt pump.
  • From the Low loss header, flow and return pipework will be taken to flanges on the existing header, and at a time agreed with the hospital we will make a connection to the existing pipework. The boiler will be commissioned and tested before the break-in to the existing system takes place. Circulation through the low loss header will be sufficient to allow this to take place.