Tallaght Hospital

New Boiler Installation in the Rotunda Building Boilerhouse.

The work consisted of the following elements;

  • Removal and disposal of five existing floor mounted condensing boilers.
  • Stripping back local pipework as far as existing valves to make way for the installation of the new boilers.
  • Stripping out the exhaust flues that served the old boilers.
  • Installing six new Remeha Quinta Ace boilers mounted on a custom made frame with space for two extra boilers for possible future use. The boilers are mounted back to back on the frame (three boilers on each side). The Cascade headers are connected to all six boilers.
  • Installing manufacturer supplied “Cascade” flow and return header pipes connected to the six boilers and with blanked branch connections for two extra boilers for possible future use. These headers are connected to a Spirocross DN 150 combined low loss header and air dirt separator. The other two branches on the low loss header were connected to the existing system pipework to serve heating circuits and a plate heat exchanger which heats hot water on the secondary side.
  • The existing natural gas pipework was reconfigured to serve the new boilers.
  • Two new flue systems were installed each serving three boilers on either side of the mounting frame. There were also two flues from the old boilers. Sections of the old flues were retained to act as sleeves through which the new flues could pass through the roof to outside. The new flues are plastic inside the boiler-house as the flue gases are at low temperature due to the high efficiency of the boilers. The external section of the flues are stainless steel
  • Condensation drains from the new boilers were piped to an existing floor gully in the boiler-house.

A LPG conversion kit was supplied with each boiler in case the hospital wants to switch from natural gas (methane) to LPG in the future.